Technology in Retail


Retail trends: Vol. 1 - Technology in retail

From centre stage to supporting player

A closer look at how bricks-and-mortar retailers can take advantage of technology developments to enhance customer experience and provide genuine omnichannel shopping.

Technology in Retail: From centre stage to supporting player, is an insightful perspective on how technology's ongoing evolution has helped shape and progress the retail industry - and its customer shopping experience. 

The report dives into how digital disruption has allowed customers to redefine their shopping experience, with the power to choose when, where and how they acquire theirgoods and services. The focus for retailers is an increasing need to perfect their omnichannel strategies to ensure they are competitively positioned in a retail environment where customers don’t distinguish between digital and other channels.

But how do retailers respond to this ongoing, fast-paced change in customer expectations? All while continuing to develop meaningful, memorable ‘customer experiences’? 

Technology in Retail: From centre stage to supporting player outlines how digital technology, previously seen as a competitor for physical, bricks-and-mortar retailers, can be harnessed better to offer a truly integrated, responsive shopping experience and improve customer retention and acquisition.

It also offers case studies on how Australian companies like Booodl and Myagi are working innovatively with Australian retailers to bring the best of the digital shopping experience to in-store customers, as well as providing insights into what possible future developments retailers can expect to see locally and globally. 

When it comes to ‘disruption’, traditional retail is in the thick of it. Innovation in technology and customer driven retailing is fundamentally changing the way businesses work and operate. As technology continues to advance, it further elevates consumers’ expectations.

We require a shift in mindset. We need to look at problems differently. We must become more integrated … and customer led.

David White, National Leader, Retail, Deloitte Australia

About our Retail Trends series

Technology in Retail: from centre stage to supporting player, is the first volume in our new, ongoing report series: Retail Trends

The Retail Trends series will explore how Australian retailers apply best practice approach to enhance customer experience and engagement. It will investigate and provide examples of different retail trends in both our local and global markets, and provide a perspective on how we think Australian retailers can evolve based on current Australian consumer demand and behaviour.

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