COVID-19 and the virtualisation of government


COVID-19 and the virtualisation of government

Responding, recovering, and preparing to thrive in the future of work

The sudden and involuntary transition to remote work caused by COVID-19 hasn’t been perfectly smooth for government agencies. The disruption over the past month has been real, and in many cases, the response has been fast. But once the pandemic is over, the transition from remote back to the physical office will likely not be easy, either—and not just because of the potential for ongoing social distancing measures in the months to come.

Is remote work for government a short-term inconvenience?

Or are we on the cusp of a long-term transformation?

For government agencies, COVID-19 has made the future of work a current workplace reality. Read the report to learn steps leaders can take now to embrace the transition, help teams adapt, and prepare for the “next normal”.

Published: May 2020

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