Oxfam on the frontline with COVID-19


Supporting Oxfam on the frontline with COVID-19

Humanitarian response and economic recovery

Deloitte Australia is committed to working with our national charity partner Oxfam to continue to make an impact that matters during these unprecedented times.

Deloitte Australia continues to work with Oxfam, our national charity partner of 20 years, to make an impact that matters during these unprecedented times. Oxfam is a key stakeholder in the development of the UN-led Global Humanitarian Response Plan for COVID-19. Deloitte’s significant pro bono and financial contributions help Oxfam as it pivots to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

Many of our people have been asking: What else can I/we do to help our communities at this time? The answer is: quite a lot.

For example, Oxfam’s Home Activist Hub – is a place where people can take positive and meaningful action together from their own home. The hub demonstrates that we can still make a difference despite our distance.

Another simple way we can all help is to share news of what Oxfam is doing through all of our channels, especially Facebook. Oxfam's response to COVID-19 will focus on two main tracks: the humanitarian response, and the economic recovery.

The NGO has strong experience in both, explaining: “We've learnt a lot from our previous two Ebola responses, amongst other infectious disease responses. We will focus on the provision of clean water, latrines, and public health promotion, all of which are instrumental in containing the spread and effects of COVID-19. We also have deep knowledge and experience in the latter, focusing on addressing root causes of inequality and gender injustice.

“We have also recently published this press release which similarly speaks to the work we are doing in this field: https://www.oxfam.org.au/2020/03/pandemics-know-no-borders-neither-should-compassion/

An opinion piece from Oxfam Australia's CEO, Lyn Morgain, published in Women’s Agenda details the situation that vulnerable communities are facing as a result of COVID-19, and the work Oxfam is undertaking in response: https://womensagenda.com.au/latest/our-borders-are-closed-but-we-cant-close-hearts-to-those-beyond-them/

Share, share, share

“Sharing our content would be really helpful. Anything from our social channels, but we tend to get the best engagement on Facebook. So, if people could like Oxfam Australia, comment and share posts, that would be a huge help. You could also direct people to share this link directly, posting our handwashing video:


“Case studies and learnings are being published on our live Covid-19 blog. These will continue to be updated, so we’d love you to check in regularly and to keep on sharing: https://www.oxfam.org.au/covid-19-live-updates/ ,” says Oxfam.

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