Responsible decisions under pressure


Responsible decisions under pressure

A guide

COVID19 is having an unprecedented impact on businesses globally. Leaders are having to make responsible decisions on a moment-by-moment basis. This short guide will help you think about our natural responses in crisis, and what to think about to ensure your decisions are responsible.

As leaders, we are facing an unprecedented time, where there is no clear answer on how to respond. Across the world, leaders are coming together to make hard decisions for which there is no clear ‘right answer’.

The decisions need to be made fast to reduce harm; and yet they are likely to be the most scrutinised decisions of one’s career. It is life or death. Prosperity or poverty.

This guide provides leaders with insight into what they can expect from themselves and their teams as they navigate these decisions; as well as some simple guidance for responsible decision making.

Published: April 2020

Responsible decisions under pressure

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