Covid-19 Response Centre


COVID-19 response and recovery centre

Take control of the crisis

A rapid approach to coordinate action and move to recovery

As the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 spreads across Australia and the globe, organisations are readying themselves for action. A swift, effective response will not only help mitigate today’s risks, but lay the foundation for a stronger recovery. Our COVID-19 response and recovery centre will help you operate at pace and get in front of the crisis. Mobilise in days and pull from the Deloitte suite of tools and platforms depending on your needs. Drawn from expertise across the globe, it is a best-practice approach to stabilise your organisation, protect your people, communicate with customers and manage business continuity.

A framework for control

Your organisation needs a response that is agile, structured, powered by the right tools and can be deployed rapidly. Find out why Deloitte’s COVID-19 response and recovery centre provides the right framework for control.

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From reaction to recovery

Your response centre will need a different focus as you move through the crisis. Find out how to tackle the impact of COVID-19 in five key actions from response through to recovery.

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How we mobilise

In a crisis – speed matters. Our response centre can be mobilised within days to create clarity and alignment and drive decision-making.

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Ellen Derrick

Ellen Derrick

Managing Partner, Consulting

Ellen is the Managing Partner, Consulting and is proud to be at the helm of this innovative, growth-leading team.  Ellen was formerly the National Leader, Public Sector and Public Policy and has more ... More