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The AI Institute’s mission is to expand Australians’ understanding of AI and its potential, and guide the development of trustworthy, powerful AI solutions. It will help our clients, Deloitte practitioners and ecosystem partners successfully start or scale AI capabilities. The Institute will also foster a network of like-minded organisations and facilitate cutting edge knowledge-sharing to accelerate Australia’s AI agenda.


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Want to make managing organisational transformation simpler? Meet EVE

We all need to manage change in our lives, every day, in some shape or form. In organisational settings, these changes are often complex with lots of interwoven dependencies, and sometimes they’re simpler and easier to manage. In our personal lives and at work, change is our new normal. But it’s how we manage its impact that matters most. What if we could make change just that little bit simpler to manage for organisations? And make it happen faster, better and at the pace you want? and 

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We’re leading the way in AI literacy

AI is no longer on the horizon. It’s here now, profoundly impacting how we live, work, and do business. We believe in lighting the way towards an AI-empowered future for all Australians. That’s why we empower clients’ executives and their teams by boosting their AI literacy with Deloitte’s AI Fluency program. We’re also passionate about constantly upskilling Deloitte’s partners and practitioners with the latest AI courses.
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    AI is transforming organisational decision-making, creating efficiencies, building new capabilities and businesses, and powering sustainable, value-driving activities. The Deloitte AI Institute helps private and public sector organisations learn about their options while advocating for ethical AI use. It also educates Deloitte practitioners and the business world on AI’s exciting potential to solve challenging problems in new ways.


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    “We help clients move from using AI for ad hoc R&D use cases, to an all encompassing philosophy to deliver on business goals. This includes looking at automating processes or functions that people would normally do, optimising processes to fuel efficiency, and enhancing people’s individual ability to solve problems in new ways.”

    Dr Kellie Nuttall

    To help our clients rapidly embrace AI and deliver better business outcomes, Deloitte has built thousands of machine learning models and dozens of AI solutions to create the best human-machine teams. 


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