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Are you ready to harness the power of AI? Intuitive futurists. Smart analysts. Busy decision makers. Clever data scientists. Wise professors. Next-gen STEM talent. We bring the best minds together to share insights, create innovative perspectives, develop ground-breaking research and find the best ways for corporates and governments to harness the full power of artificial intelligence. Welcome to the Deloitte AI Institute.
Our Australian AI Institute is part of an extensive international network which gives us, our clients and the ecosystems we play in access to the latest expertise, insights and capabilities. Together, we can quickly tap into global lessons and successes to make the most of local opportunities.
Our solutions Climate and AI Global problems require innovative solutions and the decisions we make today can impact the quality of life for generations to come. Discover how AI can turn climate ambition into action. Read More Foresight Deloitte Foresight is an advanced analytical platform and capability set that granularly forecasts supply and demand around single or multiple resource types to enable informed and integrated decision making at all levels of an organisation. Read More Optimal Reality Digital Twin Optimal Reality (OR) is Deloitte's digital twin capability based on simulation techniques pioneered in Formula One racing. We help organisations run millions of permutations on a digital replica of their network to drive optimal decision making within seconds to conduct trial and error – without the error. This enables us to solve problems related to preventing and adapting to climate change. Read More Supply Chain Illuminate Using augmented intelligence and machine learning, organisations can rapidly and autonomously gain visibility into their multi-tier supply networks, sense risks and mitigate them to minimise disruption. Read More Intelligent Major Capital Projects Australia is in the midst of an infrastructure boom. Bigger, more complex projects need to be delivered efficiently to drive lasting value. The infrastructure sector has an opportunity to make significant advancements by adopting digital technology. Read More Trustworthy AI Framework Trustworthy AI™ requires governance and regulatory compliance throughout the AI lifecycle from ideation to design, development, deployment and machine learning operations (MLOps) anchored on the six dimensions in Deloitte's Trustworthy AI™ framework—transparent and explainable, fair and impartial, robust and reliable, respectful of privacy, safe and secure, and responsible and accountable. Read More Connect with us
AI fluency AI Dossier After decades of science fiction fantasy, artificial intelligence (AI) has made the leap to practical reality and is quickly becoming a competitive necessity. Yet, amidst the current frenzy of AI advancement and adoption, many leaders and decision-makers still have significant questions about what AI can do for their businesses. Our dossier highlights dozens of the most compelling, business-ready use cases for AI across six major industries. Read More State of AI, 5th Edition The Deloitte AI Institute's 2022 State of AI in the Enterprise report offers cross-industry perspective of AI investment and implementation designed to advance AI maturity and achieve widespread value. Read More Gartner® Critical Capabilities: Data and Analytics Service Providers 2022 Being a leader is one thing, but staying the leader is about constantly innovating and pushing boundaries; and inspiring our clients to do so as well. We are therefore so proud to be recognised for the 8th year in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data and Analytics Service providers. This is such amazing recognition for the collective efforts of both our people and clients. Thank you to all for their confidence in how we go about AI at Deloitte. AI is awesome Dr. Kellie Nuttall, Lead AI Partner Read More Artificial Intelligence Fluency Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising every industry and is solving some of the world's most wicked problems. But what is AI? You're not alone in asking that question and that's why we are here, to help you understand what AI is and what it can mean for business, government, and society. Read More Want to keep up to date on the latest AI news at Deloitte? Subscribe to our AI mailing list
Our insights ETHICS Trustworthy AI in Finance Trustworthy AI Governance Global Trustworthy AI AI model bias can damage trust more than you may know. But it doesn't have to. Trustworthy AI: What it is and who should make it happen Global Deloitte AI Institute's Ammanath on Trustworthy AI How to ensure trust and ethics in AI Concepts on AI fairness Ethics and AI: 3 Conversations Companies Need to Have Explaining explainable AI Trustworthy AI™ An Ethical Metaverse Takes Trustworthy AI Trustworthy AI Book Podcast - Ethics and Regulations with Chatterbox Labs A moral license for AI You've been pitched. Is that AI solution the real deal? Smart use of artificial intelligence in health care Human values in the loop: Design principles for ethical AI Does your company need a Chief AI Ethics Officer, an AI Ethicist, AI Ethics Council, or all three? IN THE MEDIA How Generative AI Is Changing Creative Work Deloitte Named Databricks Transformation Partner of the Year and Public Sector Partner of the Year Deloitte Named Snowflake GSI Partner of the Year USYD and Deloitte Launch AI Fluency Sprint Advancing AI for public good Deloitte launches latest AI research institute in Australia Deloitte's data dynamo Kellie Nuttal turns to 'digital twins' to tame Covid-19 Getting ready for artificial intelligence Deloitte acquires cloud technology firm Public sector to spend big on crunching big data Team from Intellify to join Deloitte, the market leader in artificial intelligence, data and machine learning WOMEN IN AI The state of women in AI today Deloitte Women in Artificial Intelligence (AI) The 9 Inspirational Women Leaders In AI Shaping The 21st Century Deloitte: Women make up just 26 percent of AI workforce in the US More women are needed in AI 5 ways to get more women working in AI INNOVATION Gartner® Critical Capabilities: Data and Analytics Service Providers 2022 Imagining (and Imaging) the Future of Air Travel Advancing AI Innovation and human-machine collaboration Intelligent automation and human-machine collaboration The human-machine dream team - too hard, or worth it? Can you really hear me? 6 conversation analytics insights Solving tomorrow's challenges by accelerating AI innovation Perfecting the art of the whole organisation with machine learning Technology-inspired and business-led: A call for innovation Unbounded, with Deloitte's Unlimited Reality AI Predictions for 2022 100 ways AI will change our World Deloitte Teams With NVIDIA to Launch the Deloitte Center for AI Computing Facial recognition A whole new world? The metaverse and what it could mean for you How 'computer vision' could change healthcare, retail and more AI IN THE ENTERPRISE Deloitte's Global Infrastucture Magazine 5 ingredients for enterprise success in AI The human-machine dream team - too hard, or worth it? The world is our oyster when we embed AI Where to spend your marketing dollar using data and AI to find valuable new customers Moving from understanding operations to operational insights About the Deloitte AI Institute AI maturity - obstacles, weaknesses and opportunities The AI Dossier Becoming an AI-fueled organization How to build an AI-ready culture Unleashing talent with the future of artificial intelligence CASE STUDIES AI at the ATO Artifical Intelligence in the Public Sector AI Podcasts State of AI in Australia AI and cloud are powering the search for better information AI and Blockchain in Investment Management Artificial Intelligence Part Two Ethics and Regulations with Chatterbox Labs with Scott Jermy and Dr Stuart Battersby AI 101 with the Deloitte AI Institute Australia
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