Impact of the Significant Investor visa program

A long-term proposition for Australia

Migration has long been key to creating a successful social melting pot in Australia. The broader migration equation is, of course, a complex one that seeks to strike a balance that meets Australia humanitarian obligations as well as its economic needs – and the federal government’s Significant Investor Visa (SIV) Program is an important part of this equation. Explore the dimensions of this program’s impact on Australia in our latest Deloitte Access Economics study.

Since it’s inception in 2012, the SIV program has brought over $10B worth of investments into Australia. This group of approximately 2,000 foreign high net worth investors are small in number, though they have the potential to make an important contribution to Australia’s future.

In interviewing 75 SIV holders, this study explores the economic and cultural impact of the program to date, and considers it’s future potential. Key findings from this Deloitte Access Economics study reveal:

  • SIV holders are indirectly funding innovation and growth in Australia. 66% of respondents indicated they have enabled innovation in Australia with their investments bringing new products, processes and business models. Some investment beneficiaries include a locally grown mar-tech start-up, early learning childcare centres, and a biotechnology company supporting colorectal cancer patients.
  • Few SIV holders have invested outside the complying investment framework, though many expressed a desire to invest in Australia beyond the SIV program once they transition to permanent residency status. Interviewees noted long-term factors such as Australian lifestyle, culture and education as crucial factors for applying for the SIV.
  • The SIV program attracts diverse investors and access to foreign networks. SIVs create business networks in Australia that would not have otherwise been established, 61% of respondents indicated they collaborate with business partners in their country of origin when undertaking investments in Australia.

Published: June 2019

Impact of the Significant Investor visa program

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