Private market: The outlook in Australia


What’s on the agenda for Australian private companies?

Plans, priorities and expectations

Deloitte Private has conducted its first global business survey to better understand the dynamics of the private market by tracking the plans, priorities, and expectations of almost 1,900 private company leaders in 30 countries.

What we have found is that businesses are more interconnected than ever before, thanks to trends such as globalisation and digitisation. The survey results indicate confidence and optimism, with 78% of Australian private companies saying they are ‘very confident’ or ‘extremely confident’ in the success of their company over the next 24 months.

While the outlook for private companies in 2018 is positive, it’s also a time of complexity in business. Download our report, Global perspectives for private companies, for guidance on how to tackle these tough questions:

  • Looking globally – where are the opportunities and how do we pursue them?
  • Do we understand how technologies such as the cloud and data analytics could help our company be more productive?
  • Are we doing enough to articulate a memorable employee value proposition to compete for and retain the best talent?
  • Have we fully accounted for the likely impact of disruption from changes in regulation or the macroeconomic environment?
  • What steps could we take to make our company more attractive to investors?


Global perspectives for private companies: The Australian Cut

Download the report
Explore the interactive graphs below, and the detailed global survey results on Deloitte Insights.

What is your level of confidence in the success of your company over the next 24 months (based on revenue, profitability, and growth)?

How likely do you believe it is that your company will participate in a merger or acquisition in the next 12 months as an acquirer?

Published: January 2018

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