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Corporate services

Deloitte Private

We work with or for organisations who are seeking either an enhanced internal finance function or a complete outsourced solution for their finance function.

Deloitte Private services range from transaction processing and general ledger maintenance, to managing compliance, strategic advice and financial solution implementation.

Tailored plans are created to meet our clients' size and requirements. Whether it is a need for a “bottom up” solution, whereby we provide the outsourced team in support of your business function or for a “top down” scenario where we provide the management expertise to drive an in-house finance team, Deloitte Private can help. We can also supply the full complement of an outsourced solution for short or long term arrangements.

A ‘Big four’ brand, credentialed staff, national and global quality assurance and professional standards review processes, ensure technical and service standards are of the highest quality.

Clients will have access to a dedicated client service team, eliminating in-house staff turnover problems and the need for training of in-house staff, as well as a dedicated relationship partner managing your service requirements and acting as your gateway to all Deloitte’s services.

Corporate Services

Published: November 2017

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Sneza Pelusi

Sneza Pelusi

Managing Partner, Markets & Relationships

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Adrian Batty

Adrian Batty

Advisory Leader, Deloitte Private

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