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Taxation is often a complex and intricate business element. Only specialised service providers can navigate your business through regulatory changes, recent updates to income tax, FBT, GST, tax consolidation, international tax planning and issues, tax training, planning reviews and advice.

Tax planning 
Private companies need the benefit of every available tax advantage to compete successfully in Australia. Advice from tax professionals, who have the industry experience necessary for recognizing and implementing real savings, can help Australian businesses to minimise their income and capital tax liabilities.

Our professionals can also assist with private companies expanding or restructuring their offshore and international businesses and investments.

Our specialists in income and capital gains tax can recognize a wide range of potential tax planning opportunities, as they have access to some of the best tax practitioners in Australia and around the world.

We can advise on a range of complex tax issues, including:

  • National and state-based tax planning
  • Cross border tax planning (double tax agreements / withholding tax / CFCs)
  • Structuring of intangible assets
  • Tax optimisation strategies
  • Tax consolidation planning and compliance
  • Financing structures
  • Thin capitalisation
  • Trust and estate planning
  • Employee compensation / remuneration / share and option planning
  • Tax risk management and tax audit defence
  • Tax rulings
  • Stakeholder remuneration / dividend strategies
  • Buy / sell business agreements
  • Tax effective divestment and acquisition planning. and
  • A range of other complex tax issues.

Tax reporting services

Accurate tax reporting may not be your company’s most exciting responsibility but, in an era of heightened complexity and fast changing tax laws, it’s a significant one. At a minimum, effective tax reporting means getting the compliance paperwork done correctly. However, few private companies have the wide-ranging tax experience and current information on legislative and administrative positions to approach the reporting process as a planning opportunity.

Deloitte Private brings knowledge and experience, a finely tuned process and expert use of technology to the preparation and review of Australian company, partnership, trust tax and information returns. Our specialists work proactively with clients on an ongoing basis, identifying planning opportunities prior to or in anticipation of year-end to prevent any surprises. Combining knowledge and experience with continuous monitoring of changes in legislative and administrative positions—at local and national levels—help us to successfully strengthen our clients’ reporting positions during any Australian tax authority audit.


Published: November 2017

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