Australian independent music market


AIR share: Australian independent music market 

Assessing the independent recording sector

The Australian recording industry as a whole had revenue of just under $400 million in 2014-15 and the independent recording sector makes up 30% of the total recording revenue in Australia.

Music is important to Australians. One in five of us play or create our own music, and 40% nominate music as our number one passion.

This passion supports a vibrant industry, making Australia the sixth largest music market in the world in revenue terms. But beyond the bands and the music fans, many parts of the music industry are not well understood.

Behind the music is a complex network of businesses that produce and distribute the work of artists, and a significant component of this network is the independent sector.

The independent sector of the recording industry is made up of hundreds of businesses, from artist managers to labels and distributors. This fragmentation means that data collection is difficult. As a result, the importance of the independent sector is often overlooked.

This report aims to quantify the market share of the independent sector of the recording industry and highlight the roles that it plays in society.

Key insights:

  • The Australian recording industry as a whole had revenue of just under $400 million in 2014-15
  • The independent recording sector makes up 30% of total recording revenue in Australia
  • 44% of independent sector revenue comes from digital channels
  • More than half (57%) of independent sector revenue is attributable to Australian artists
  • 95% of independent sector music releases are new content.
AIR Share: Australian independent music market report
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