Australia’s aged care sector

Economic contribution and future directions

Deloitte Access Economics has examined the economic contribution of the aged care sector in Australia for The Aged Care Guild.

The aged care industry provides older Australians with a range of different services, allowing them to access appropriate levels of care when and where they require it as they age. In delivering aged care services to the Australian community, the sector is both a vital supporter of the comfort and dignity of older Australians as well as an important contributor to the Australian economy.

The Aged Care Guild has commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to examine both quantitatively and qualitatively the economic contribution of the aged care sector in Australia, as well as to consider broader industry trends, policy issues, existing challenges and future implications. The purpose of this report is to highlight the significant contribution of the sector and outline future directions for the aged care industry in Australia.

Australia’s aged care sector: Economic contribution and future directions
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