Australia's Digital Pulse


Australia’s Digital Pulse 2016

Developing the digital workforce to drive growth in the future

This report from Deloitte Access Economics and the Australian Computer Society examines how digital disruption is changing industries and occupations across the economy, and the importance of workforce development in driving future growth in the digital economy.

Australia's Digital Pulse 2016

The contribution of digital technologies to the Australian economy is forecast to grow from $79 billion in 2014 to $139 billion in 2020. This represents growth of over 75% and an increase in the digital economy from 5% to 7% of Australia’s GDP. The vast majority of this growth (97%) is expected to take place in sectors outside of the traditional Information, Media and Telecommunications industry.

Demand for ICT workers is therefore forecast to increase in the future and Australia’s ICT workforce is expected to increase to around 695,000 ICT workers by 2020. To position the Australian economy to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by new technologies, we must ensure that the workforce is equipped with the ICT skills required for innovation and growth.

Commissioned by the Australian Computer Society, this report provides a snapshot of the digital economy, occupational analysis, workforce planning and development, and an insight into future directions.

Australia's Digital Pulse 2016

Australia's Digital Pulse 2015

In 2015 Deloitte Access Economics and the Australian Computer Society Australia’s partnered to produce Australia's Digital Pulse which examines how digital disruption is dramatically changing industries and occupations across the economy.

The report found there has been 5% growth in the number of ICT professionals, with an increase to 600,000 ICT workers in 2014, and demand for a further 100,000 workers over the next six years. Despite the demand, the number of graduates with ICT qualifications has declined significantly since the early 2000s.

The report shows that Australia needs a workforce that is equipped with the ICT skills necessary to fuel its digitally-driven economic growth. This creates an enormous opportunity for students considering a career in ICT.

Australia's Digital Pulse 2015

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