Connected Nation


Connected Nation

This Deloitte Access Economics research was commissioned by the Communications Alliance to quantify the economic benefits of the telecommunications industry in Australia and examine the efficiency of the current regulatory framework for the industry.

Connected Nation: Part 2 (April 2020)

The second edition of Connected Nation explores the regulatory landscape of the telecommunications industry in Australia and examines the efficiency of the current regulatory framework for the industry.

The report finds that Australia’s telecommunications industry is highly regulated, partly reflecting its central role in the economy and society, but also because many legacy measures have remained in place while the industry environment has evolved.

According to a survey of telecommunications businesses conducted for this report, the burden of regulatory compliance is the second biggest challenge currently facing the sector.

This report provides a high-level assessment of both co-regulation (i.e. developed by industry, enforced by government/regulators) and direct regulation (i.e. primary and subordinate legislation and regulations) as a way of analysing the health of the regulatory mix. The assessment finds Based on this analysis, there is a case for more carefully considering the role of co-regulation in the telecommunications industry.

Connected Nation: Part 2

Connected Nation: Part 1 (November 2019)

The Communications Alliance commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to quantify the economic benefits of the telecommunication industry.

The report finds that the industry makes a significant contribution to Australia’s economy, both through its own activities and by providing the infrastructure that underpins productivity growth. As a result of these productivity benefits, the Australian economy (GDP) is 6.5%, or $126 billion, larger in 2019 than it would have been without the impact of telecommunications. This is equivalent to an additional $5,000 per person each year.

Australian consumers have benefited from high levels of investment in the telecommunications industry that has been driven by robust competition. Telecommunications has the second highest investment rate of any industry in the economy, which contributes to the development and deployment of innovative technology. Competition has also meant the price of services has fallen significantly in real terms over the past decade, while connectivity, data, speed, and the diversity of products and services have all improved – often dramatically.

Published: November 2019

Connected Nation: Part 1
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