COVID-19 recovery for the tourism sector


COVID-19 recovery for the tourism sector

Restarting tourism… what shape might the recovery of tourism in Australia take?

The tourism sector has been among the most impacted by the measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. While it’s too early for long-term predictions, a consideration of possible scenarios, informed by leading indicators, can help create structure in planning for the future. This can help businesses shape their response and rebuild with resilience.

Uncertain road ahead for the tourism sector

There are a raft of unanswered questions facing the tourism sector as it steps into the recovery period and tries to plan and prepare for a new normal. Have the travel restrictions imposed led to huge pent-up-demand, with millions of travellers at home dreaming and planning for travel once restrictions are lifted? How will the pandemic’s economic fallout on jobs and household income, and resulting subdued consumer sentiment, impact spending on travel? Will we redirect what we usually spend on overseas travel to domestic travel pursuits? Will we be confident to travel? And if we are, how will travel patterns and preferences change?

The Australian tourism sector has endured unprecedented hardship over the last six months with the damaging summer bushfire season having a profound impact, even prior to the unprecedented shutdown of the sector as a response to the COVID-19 health crisis. The fallout from these events will have significant and lasting impacts on the Australian tourism sector, among broader impacts on the entire Australian economy.

Published: July 2020

COVID-19 recovery for the tourism sector
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