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Are you interested in economics and policy as a profession and career path? Model your future... with Deloitte Access Economics is a program designed to put you on the path to success.

Diversity and inclusion are core values at Deloitte and among our highest priorities as a business. Diversity welcomes everyone no matter their background and the creation of a truly inclusive culture allows each individual to reach their full potential. We believe that fostering an inclusive culture unleashes the power of our diversity, and that being a leader—by definition—means being an inclusive leader. Our Inspiring Women strategy is one of our diversity initiatives and its focus is not just on gender equality, but on providing women with the support, development, and opportunities they need to accelerate and thrive in their career.

Deloitte Access Economics is a strong advocate for diversity and has created Model your future... with Deloitte Access Economics to champion economics and policy as a profession and career path, and to inspire young women to further pursue the field in their studies and careers.

The program

Model your future... with Deloitte Access Economics seeks to align young women studying or interested in economics and policy with young female professionals working in economic advisory and policy consulting at Deloitte Access Economics.

Deloitte Access Economics is a full service economic advisory practice operating across economic advisory, health economics and social policy and macroeconomics. The team of highly qualified economists help clients to see the big picture by combining economic forecasting, modelling, analysis and advisory services to enable organisations and governments to plan for the future.

The program will run for eight months from March to October, aligning with the academic calendar, and involve at least four face-to-face meetings between the mentor and mentee.

What does this mean for you?

Ultimately, the program will support the unique goals and aspirations of each mentor relationship. This may include:

  • Navigating university decisions and opportunities in and out of the classroom
  • Revealing how economics and the study of economic and policy can be applied in practice, including the importance of economics principles in achieving good policy
  • Uncovering lessons on transitioning from university to the workplace and/or from undergraduate to further studies
  • Reflecting on career and academic ambitions, goals or pathways
  • Gaining exposure to Australia’s largest and leading economic advisory practice
  • Of course, expanding your interest in and understanding of economics and policy.
About our mentors

Our mentors are young female professionals with a passion for economics and policy. Many of them have Masters or Honours in Economics, while others come from more diverse and specialised industry backgrounds such as public health, education and finance. These women are passionate about supporting others looking to enter the profession—particularly other young women.

Our goal will be to align our mentors' backgrounds with your interests and ambitions, but if you’re not sure what your goals are, then rest assured one of our inspiring mentors will help you find them!

2018 program

The 2018 program is now full. Applications for next year's program will open in early 2019.

Get in contact

The 2018 program is now full. Applications for next year's program will open in early 2019.

To seek further information please contact our recruitment team.

At Deloitte, we care about your privacy

Deloitte Access Economics has developed a mentoring program for eligible university students. Participation in this program is entirely voluntary. However, if you choose to participate, you will be required to submit an updated resume and a cover letter.

Deloitte will be unable to consider your application to the mentoring program if you choose not to share your information.

Your personal information will be used as part of the selection process for participation in the Deloitte Access Economics mentoring program. It may also be used at a later stage to contact you in relation to internship and graduate recruitment opportunities at Deloitte.

Importantly, your information will remain in Australia and will not be shared with any third parties.

More information about how we will handle your personal information, how you can lodge a complaint, how you can contact us and how you may access and seek correction of your information are set out in our privacy policy

Published: February 2018

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