Digital government transformation


Digital government transformation

Billion dollar benefits in driving digital transactions

Assessing the economic benefits that can be realised from greater adoption of digital technologies for federal and state government customer transactions.

Commissioned by Adobe, this report looks at the economic benefits that can be realised from greater adoption of digital technologies for federal and state government customer transactions.

From the payment of taxes and bills to applying for government benefits, passports and licences – Australians undertake more than 800 million transactions with government agencies each year, with around 40% still completed via using traditional (non-digital) channels.

If this figure could be reduced to 20% over a ten-year period, Deloitte Access Economics estimates productivity, efficiency and other benefits to government worth around $17.9 billion (in real terms), along with savings in time, convenience and out-of-pocket costs to citizens worth a further $8.7 billion.  


Digital government transformation

Deloitte surveyed more than 1,200 government officials from over 70 countries, including 200 from Australia, to gain insight to the policies and practices affecting their “digital maturity”.


We invite you to view our Australian result findings or visit the global digital transformation in government report on Deloitte Insights.

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Digitising public sector transactions can deliver – for governments, and ‘we the people’

Picture this. Federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has agreed to launch your report on government digital transformation that’s been commissioned by Adobe.

He gets the impacts, and opportunities, presented by digital disruption and innovation, and has recently established a national Digital Transformation Office dedicated to “… transforming government service delivery to better meet the needs of all Australians.”

Visit the blog to read the full article.


Posted August 4, 2015 by John O'Mahony

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