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Economic activity attributable to crop protection products

Supporting $20.6 billion of agricultural production

Deloitte Access Economics has estimated the contribution of crop protection products to the Australian economy and the contribution of crop protection product use to crop production.

Deloitte Access Economics was engaged by CropLife Australia to estimate the contribution of the crop protection industry to the Australian economy, and the Australian agricultural output attributable to the use of crop protection products (CPP). 

This report focuses on the contribution of the CPP industry to value added in the Australian economy (as an employer and purchaser of inputs from other industries), and the contribution of CPP use to crop production:

  • The Australian CPP sector’s economic contribution was $2.3 billion, which is associated with 9,225 full-time equivalent jobs.
  • $20.6 billion of Australian agricultural output in 2015-16 can be attributed to the use of CPP. 

This report is an update of one that Deloitte Access produced for CropLife Australia in 2013, also available for download.

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