Economic benefits of SmartWard

Understanding the potential benefits to healthcare providers

SmartWard may allow nurses to spend more time with patients, hospitals to have access to better data, and create a better work environment for nurses.

SmartWard is a health informatics system designed to improve hospital efficiency, patient safety and the job satisfaction of Health Care Professionals by:

  • Sensing patient and health care professional location
  • Applying context to anticipate user needs
  • Automating the repetitive aspects of administration
  • Providing reminders and clinical decision support in the right context.

Deloitte Access Economics was commissioned by SmartWard to develop a report that outlines the potential benefits of implementing SmartWard to healthcare providers, in particular hospitals, their patients and society. The discussion of benefits in this report is based on results from the clinical trial of SmartWard (Botti, 2014) that assessed the impact on nurse workflow, and evaluated the usability, perceived fidelity and reliability of SmartWard.

Economic benefits of SmartWard
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