Sydney Airport


Economic contribution of Sydney Airport

A cornerstone of Australia’s commercial aviation industry

Deloitte Access Economics has estimated the economic contribution of Sydney Airport to the Australian economy for 2017.

Sydney Airport is a cornerstone of Australia’s commercial aviation industry: in 2017, it hosted more than 43.3 million passenger movements – around a quarter of the nation’s total – and hosted 338,500 aircraft movements and exported 188,400 tonnes of international airfreight.

This report presents estimates of the economic contribution of Sydney Airport (the Airport) to the Australian economy, for the 2017 calendar year. The study is an update to the 2015 Deloitte Access Economics economic analysis for Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (SACL), The economic value of Sydney Airport, 2014. The contents of the report will be used by SACL to provide the economic content for the Airport’s 2039 Master Plan and to facilitate continued promotion of the Airport’s economic significance to its various stakeholders.

  • In aggregate, in 2017, the activities of the Sydney Airport precinct generated or facilitated a total of $38.0 billion in value added and 338,500 FTE jobs
  • The activities of businesses operating on the Sydney Airport precinct contributed an estimated $10.7 billion in value added, with associated employment of 57,400 full time equivalent (FTE) jobs; this represents 6.5% and 8.5% growth, respectively, since 2014
  • The contribution of tourism and freight facilitated by the airport is equivalent to a further $27.3 billion in value added and generated an estimated 281,200 FTE jobs; this represents 32.5% and 10.8% growth, respectively, since 2014.

Published: September 2018

Economic contribution of Sydney Airport
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