ELLA trial


Evaluation of the Early Learning Languages Australia trial

An assessment of design and effectiveness

Deloitte Access Economics was engaged to evaluate the ELLA trial, an ongoing Australian Government initiative featuring language-based applications on tablet devices for preschool children.

2016 trial evaluation and demand modelling

The Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) program is an ongoing Australian Government initiative featuring language-based applications (apps) on tablet devices for preschool children. The ELLA program has been trialled by a selection of preschool services across Australia since 2015.

Ahead of the ELLA program becoming nationally available to all preschool services in 2017, Deloitte Access Economics was engaged by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training (the Department) to conduct an analysis of the likely demand and uptake profile of the program. The primary objective of this exercise was to estimate the likely take-up of the program, to ensure that a suitable resource model was in place, and that the Department could respond appropriately to the level of interest from the preschool sector.

The ELLA trial has shown positive results in increasing language exposure for preschool children and in contributing to associated short-term outcomes. Over time, further analysis could strengthen the evidence base linking participation in the ELLA program and longer-term language and education benefits.

2015 trial evaluation

The initial ELLA trial ran throughout 2015. The primary aim of the trial was to provide language exposure for preschool children, in order to encourage further language learning in later years of schooling, and to help address barriers to language education in the early years of education.

Deloitte Access Economics was engaged to conduct an evaluation of the ELLA trial, to consider whether it was appropriately designed and effective in achieving its objectives.

2015 trial evaluation
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