Foodbank Hunger Report 2016


Foodbank Hunger Report 2016

Fighting hunger in Australia

Deloitte Access Economics has provided analysis and a perspective on the economic factors surrounding the issue of hunger and food relief in Australia for the Foodbank Hunger Report.

Foodbank is Australia’s largest food relief organisation, providing 60 million meals a year to over 2,400 charities around the country.

The Foodbank Hunger Report provides an annual snapshot of the largely hidden problem of food insecurity in Australia. The 2016 report is a summary of two pieces of research undertaken amongst Foodbank stakeholders in the first half of the year. The first was a survey of recipients of food relief from front-line charities and community groups. The second piece of research was the Foodbank Welfare Agency Survey. Deloitte Access Economics provided analysis of the results, as well as the context of economic factors surrounding the issue of hunger and food relief in Australia.

Key findings:
  • The number of people seeking food relief continues to increase year on year, increasing 8% since 2015
  • Charities cannot cope and are turning people away empty handed - over 43,000 people seeking food relief each month are unable to be assisted by charities and community groups, 32% of whom are children
  • It is not who you think - the face of hunger is diverse – male, female, both young and old, single and in families, students, employed and unemployed as well as retired people
  • It’s not taking much to tip some people into food insecurity - the most common reasons why people experience food insecurity are not enough money in the first place, unexpected expenses and large bills or just paying for the roof over their heads
  • The impact of food relief is immediate and profound.
Foodbank Hunger report 2016
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