Gippsland Centre Against Sexual Assault


Gippsland Centre Against Sexual Assault

Benefits realisation and break even analysis of services

Deloitte Access Economics was commissioned to undertake an economic evaluation of the services Gippsland Centre Against Sexual Assault (GCASA) provides to the community.

Approximately 17% of Australian women have experienced some form of sexual assault since the age of 15, and 0.7% of Victorian women experienced sexual assault in 2011-12 (Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2012). There were 7,173 sexual assault offences across Australia in 2013-14, a 19.5% increase from 2012-13 (ABS 2014). 

GCASA aims to enhance safety and quality of life throughout the Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia, by reducing the incidence and impact of sexual assault. Core GCASA services include:

  • Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) -  provides counselling, advocacy and other supports for people who have experienced sexual assault.
  • Sexually Abusive Behaviours Treatment Service (SABTS) - SABTS focuses on addressing sexually harmful behaviours in children and young people
  • Prevention and education programs, which focus on community-based education and development 
  • Consultancy and professional training for workers in other organisations and community groups. 

GCASA has commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to undertake an economic evaluation of the services it provides to the community. The economic evaluation focuses on three of the core services described above – SASS, SABTS and prevention and education services. It is assumed that the consultancy and professional development services contribute to these outcomes and facilitate the achievement of outcomes in other communities.

This anlayis has found the total socioeconomic benefits for GCASA SASS were estimated to be $3.06 million in 2014-15, compared with costs of $1.24 million. The estimated benefit-cost ratio is 2.47. That is, for every dollar spent, an estimated $2.47 is returned to society in benefits.

Benefits realisation and break even analysis of services provided by the Gippsland Centre Against Sexual Assault
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