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Driving workforce participation and productivity

In a report for the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) Deloitte Access Economics examines the impact of mobile on productivity in the Australian economy and the importance of mobile technologies in enabling workforce participation and productivity.

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Driving workforce participation and productivity

Over the past three decades, the capabilities and adoption of mobile technologies have grown substantively. They have gone from being a novelty to become ubiquitous; an essential tool for modern life. Today, faster connections and ubiquity mean that mobile devices are used for everything – from commerce and research to location-based services and games. The mobile revolution has spread beyond smartphones to a range of devices, including tablets, laptops and dongles.

The next wave of the mobile revolution is now emerging. More businesses and individuals are adapting the way they behave and respond to mobile technology. Improvements in speed and latency will enable a range of new disruptive services, including the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous driving, mobile wallets and drone technologies.

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has asked Deloitte Access Economics to report on the updated impact of mobile on productivity in the Australian economy. The research also assesses the importance of mobile technologies in enabling workforce participation.

The report is informed by new modelling of the drivers of productivity, based on data from 37 countries over 30 years, as well as a survey of 1,000 Australians less likely to be working, or less likely to be working full time. It finds that, in total, Australia’s economy is $42.9 billion larger in 2015 than it would otherwise be because of the long-term productivity and workforce participation impacts generated by mobile.

Mobile nation 2016

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Opportunities and strategies for retail

The retail trade industry is a key part of the Australian economy. It is the consumer-facing end of many supply chains and industries, from manufacturing to agriculture and has experienced significant change over the past decade because of digital disruption, including from the internet, smart phones and other mobile technologies. Consumers’ rapid adoption of new technology has been the key driver of change in the retail sector. This report updates the research conducted in 2013 with a focus on retail.

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The economic and social impacts of mobile technology

The mobile has become the dominant form of telecommunications technology and has become critical to business, while growing investments in 4G networks and the National Broadband Network promise to drive this technology even more deeply through our economy and society.

Against this backdrop, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to report on the economic, business and social impacts of the Australian mobile telecommunications industry.

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