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NBN Business Readiness Survey in 2013

Deloitte Access Economics

At a time of major digital disruption across the Australian economy, it is vital that businesses understand the opportunities from the NBN for new geographical markets, new customers, improved customer engagement, and changes in how work is performed.

The capacity, speed, reach and reliability of the NBN together have immense potential to affect how businesses operate and the products they offer. This includes both advances in current applications and processes as well as a raft of new ones, such as web hosting, teleworking and decentralisation of operations, online health and education services, business-to-business systems, smart systems, virtual and augmented reality applications, transmission of data-intense content and all aspects of communications.

Macquarie Telecom commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to report on the changes that are going to result from digital disruption to their business models and their implications.

The report builds on the foundations laid by Deloitte’s 2012 paper, Digital disruption: Short fuse, big bang?, which found that two-thirds of the Australian economy faces significant change in the next five years from a range of ICT developments, including the NBN, proliferation of smartphones and tablets, the growth of social media and the emergence of cloud computing technologies.

NBN Business Readiness Survey in 2013

Key findings include:

  • The NBN is expected to boost telework more than previously thought – 49% of respondents expect the NBN to change where they are able to perform work, which is much higher than the 20% of respondents in 2010 who thought that the NBN would change their employment model. Nevertheless, we note there is a gap between expectations of change and business readiness for remote working.
  • Businesses expect massive change from the NBN – 50% of businesses expect the NBN to “change the way they do business” and a similar proportion expects it to increase their ability to operate in new geographic markets (51%) or to target new customers (48%).
  • A gap exists between businesses’ expectations of change and readiness levels – While 49% of businesses expect a change in where they will be able to perform work, only 29% of businesses are ready for this change. Similarly, 51% of businesses expect a change in the way they communicate with clients, suppliers, customers and partners, but only 24% of businesses are ready for this change.
NBN Business Readiness Survey in 2013
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