Queensland Business Outlook


Queensland Business Outlook: September 2017

Positive Prospects

A Deloitte Access Economics quarterly review on the global, Australian and Queensland business environment.

Highlights from Queensland Business Outlook September 2017

  • A return to business investment growth, improving employment figures, solid consumer spending and strength in the tourism sector reinforce confidence in Queensland’s growing prosperity
  • In focus: The economic, social and icon value of the Great Barrier Reef Deloitte Access Economics research estimates the Great Barrier Reef has an asset value of $56 billion and contributes $6.4 billion to the Australian economy
  • In focus: Our Place Recent data paints a positive picture of housing affordability and liveability across Queensland’s regions, with many areas presenting housing costs below the national median
  • As highlighted in the concurrent Deloitte Access Economics Confidently Queensland report, $54 billion more than previously predicted can be added to Queensland’s economy by 2027 if strategic investment in liveability, and two other key measures, occurs.

Queensland Business Outlook: September 2017

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Queensland Business Outlook

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Queensland Business Outlook

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