Rethinking the digital dividend


Rethinking the digital dividend

Improving citizen digital experiences

Australian government agencies are making the transition to digital experience platforms. These platforms enhance the citizen experience, but government agencies are struggling to realise the full benefits.

Some government agencies have achieved savings on individual digital initiatives, but overall, governments have struggled to realise the full benefits of digital transformation. Governments need to renew their commitment to digital transformation not with more ‘IT projects’ but by focusing on improving and simplifying citizen experiences of government services, through better use of data and build digital platforms that support it. Governments also need to rethink what the digital dividend is and better measure it for more robust business cases.

The report finds that if government agencies made the most of digital experience platforms and new ways of delivering services to improve the efficiency of citizen transactions, it could effectively give back one day to every adult every year.

Deloitte and Adobe have collaborated on this research, which considers digital government transformation, presents a concise summary of the case for digital experience platforms, and explores the impacts above and beyond financial savings to government, including meeting citizen needs and building trust in government. This research updates the Digital Government Transformation report commissioned by Adobe in 2015.

Published: June 2019

Rethinking the digital dividend
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