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This Deloitte Access Economics research was commissioned by Salesforce to explore the use of digital tools by small businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

About this study

Salesforce commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to prepare a series of reports on the state of the small to medium business (SMB) sector in Australia and New Zealand. This report, the fourth in the series, explores the diversity of business journeys available and taken by SMBs in Australia and New Zealand.

The insights arise from a survey of over 500 SMBs (defined as having less than 100 employees) in Australia and New Zealand. The data collected from the survey provided:

  • Perspectives from SMB owners themselves;
  • Comparisons to previous years’ surveys; and
  • Data to be used for econometric modelling.

This report finds that SMB owners face a variety of challenges depending on their circumstances. Many SMBs are realising their current sales and marketing capabilities are not sufficient to overcome these threats and achieve their business goals. A decision not to invest may leave a SMB falling behind.

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Small business imperatives for the digital age

Improving sales and marketing activities


Whether a small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) has just started out or been in the family for generations, sales and marketing is critical for business success. Effective sales and marketing are the tools to maintain or grow a SMB’s customer base. Deloitte Access Economics’ modelling suggests that businesses with effective sales and marketing activities increased their chance of achieving revenue growth over the past 12 months from about 33% to 51%, representing an 18-percentage point increase.

With about 2.6 million SMBs in Australia and New Zealand, these businesses represent an important source of economic output and employment. This report explores the perspectives of Australian and New Zealand SMBs – across different industries, years in operation, and with varying objectives. The research considers how differences in SMBs affects their decision making about the use of digital tools in sales and marketing.

Small business imperatives for the digital age

SMBs in digital race for the customer

Capitalising on digital opportunities


The way customers in Australia and New Zealand engage and transact with businesses continues to change. The proliferation of 'digital tools' such as mobile, social and cloud means these changes are occurring rapidly businesses.  and are driving investment decisions by savvy SMBs.

Digital is no longer a luxury reserved only for sophisticated organisations but is accessible for most SMB businesses. In today’s customer-centric market, it's critical for SMBs to establish a proactive digital presence to improve overall business performance, relevance and profitability.

This report provides detailed insights on how SMBs can effectively harness digital technologies to improve the customer experience and ultimately grow their business. It also reveals hidden competition in the digital space and the critical steps SMBs need to take to avoid being left behind.

SMBs in digital race for the customer

Navigating to the Future

Pulse check of SMBs in Australia and New Zealand


In the Pulse Check, we analyse the SMB sector from three angles: the general business environment and competitive landscape, the role of digital technology in the sector and the aspirations and plans of owners and managers of SMBs.

In the Action Plan, we propose ways in which SMB owners and managers can act on the insights from the pulse check. This is based on the economic analysis itself, but also draws on the practitioner expertise of Deloitte Private, Deloitte’s SMB specialists.

We outline directions in five areas: quality and customer service, sales and marketing, staff, cloud and data analytics, and business agility.

Navigating to the future - Pulse check of SMBs
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