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The Voice of Asia series brings to life the challenges and opportunities facing the Asia Pacific region now and in the future.

Voice of Asia, Edition Five

March 2019 - Playing to win. Will political tensions derail economic gains in Asia Pacific?

Will politicians damage economic prosperity in the Asia Pacific region this year? They certainly could.

Trade tensions present a clear and current danger, accelerating a slowdown that is already underway both globally and across the region. It is a key reason why financial markets have sent up some distress flares in recent months.

Yet Deloitte believes it would be a mistake to overstate the dangers.

Although financial markets in our region lost ground in recent months, they did so from a position of strength.

Much the same could be said of the Asia Pacific economies. Having performed well through 2017 and 2018, they have only slowed a little of late, and they have the potential to remain resilient through 2019 as well.

The economies of Asia Pacific are enormously dependent on trade, so there is potential for Tokyo and Beijing to take the political lead in fostering trade integration in general, and in smoothing current global trade tensions in particular.

However even if trade breakthroughs do prove intractable, it’s not all bad news, with some potential for a positive economic performance during 2019 in the Asia Pacific region remaining.

We hope common sense prevails on the trade front. If not, the best defence is a good offence: the smart way to navigate 2019 and beyond in the face of challenging geopolitics and tightening liquidity is for regional policymakers to get their own houses in order via further economic reforms.

Voice of Asia: Edition five

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The Voice of Asia series

The Asian century is shaping, cultivating, and driving a dynamic future for business and society. Powered by almost 60 percent of the world’s population, the region has become a hub of diversity and innovation.

Our Voice of Asia series brings to life the challenges and opportunities facing the region today and tomorrow. The potential has never been greater to create a cohesive narrative that reflects the interdependence of the region and provides a glimpse of what’s possible across Asia, shaping a more positive outlook overall.

The publication focuses on key unifying themes—from growth to trade, culture to commerce, digital to demographics—that underpin Asia’s current and future prosperity.

Voice of Asia is the result of significant collaboration across the Deloitte Asia Pacific and global network—bringing together a rich tapestry of insights.

This is our voice, the Voice of Asia.

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