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The Voice of Asia series brings to life the challenges and opportunities facing the Asia Pacific region now and in the future. In the third edition we outline how demographics will drastically reshape the economic environment in Asia Pacific over the rest of this century.

Voice of Asia, Edition Four

March 2018

Edition four, Three reasons why Asia will experience stronger than expected growth in 2018, outlines the opportunities and challenges for Asia Pacific economies in 2018.

Following 2017’s upside surprise, growth in the Asia Pacific region could be expected to moderate during 2018. However, we are maintaining our optimistic outlook for 2018 and believe the economies in Asia will enjoy another year of faster growth. This is driven by:

  1. The improving domestic conditions in the region
  2. A strong pipeline of infrastructure spending initiatives 
  3. A continued recovery in global demand which will boost Asia's trade-driven economies.

The report examines these three factors, while also identifying a few potential challenges which could derail progress and growth in the region. These include the build-up of debt from the post-2008 financial crisis period of excess global liquidity and highly leveraged corporate and household balance sheets. If left unchecked, a significant negative shock, such as the continued escalation of geo-political tension or a change in the global trade regime, could have far-reaching adverse consequences for economic stability in the region.

Voice of Asia: Edition four

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The Voice of Asia series

The Asian century is shaping, cultivating, and driving a dynamic future for business and society. Powered by almost 60 percent of the world’s population, the region has become a hub of diversity and innovation.

Our Voice of Asia series brings to life the challenges and opportunities facing the region today and tomorrow. The potential has never been greater to create a cohesive narrative that reflects the interdependence of the region and provides a glimpse of what’s possible across Asia, shaping a more positive outlook overall.

The publication focuses on key unifying themes—from growth to trade, culture to commerce, digital to demographics—that underpin Asia’s current and future prosperity.

Voice of Asia is the result of significant collaboration across the Deloitte Asia Pacific and global network—bringing together a rich tapestry of insights.

This is our voice, the Voice of Asia.

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