Business cases


Business cases

Investment decision making for the public and private sector

At the heart of all new initiatives and significant business decisions lies a funding submission.

At the heart of all new initiatives and significant business decisions lies a funding submission. With limited funding dollars and competing priorities it can prove challenging to get initiatives approved. The development of a robust and defensible business case requires a deep understanding of the client’s needs and the challenges they are facing from both within government and the broader economy.

At Deloitte, we specialise in the drivers and issues that need to be considered in making strategic business decisions. We have experience across a range of industries, helping clients produce clear, objective and easy to understand submissions.

We provide a range of skills necessary to develop strong evidentiary material to support board, executive and management decision making. The team helps clients ensure that our clients has:

  • Identified and clearly articulated the business or service need
  • Aligned the proposal with the organisation's strategic objectives
  • Presented a balanced consideration of options
  • Demonstrated a robust value for money proposition via detailed cost-benefit analysis or other analytical techniques
  • Proposed a sustainable solution capable of continued efficiencies, savings and value
  • Demonstrated their ability to deliver the project.

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Ursula Brennan

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