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Improve your line of sight

Deloitte Access Economics can help you navigate uncertainty by informing you of what the future could hold.

Our forecasting capability is based on a macroeconomic model of the Australian economy and is used to navigate uncertainty by recognising emerging and established macroeconomic risks and opportunities. It brings data driven insights and regulatory-based scenarios together with cutting edge strategic approaches and Deloitte's deep industry expertise - and simplifies them so you can understand the possible impact on your business.

We use a large data set of Australian economic and industry forecasts to produce forecasts that cover a range of time frames, industry variables and scenarios. It is used by some of Australia's prominent institutions with clients representing a cross section of the economy including construction, banking, retail and the government sectors.

Our unique assets and capabilities can support a range of strategic business activities along with tailored solutions to navigate uncertainty.

Download Australia's premier quarterly macroeconomic forecasts and publication to inform strategic decision making.

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Explore industry profits, revenue and cost implication on your business against numerous plausible future worlds.

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Navigate uncertainty with bespoke scenario development combining our insights tailored to your firm to model the impact on your business bottom line.

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The Deloitte difference

Forward Looking

We're forecasting to 2030 as a matter of course and can extend it even further when requested.

Quality of Insight

Australia's premier macroeconomic scenario model combines scenario analysis with the economy's automatic stabilisers ensuring consistency of results.

Unparalleled Depth

Our forecasts cover 56 industries across all states and territories and provide coverage of commercial variables including profits, revenues and costs.

Relevant and Timely

Our forecasts are updated quarterly to ensure relevance. Forecast data is provided in district observation frequencies by quarter, financial and calendar year.

Some questions our economic scenarios can help you consider
  • What might happen here in Australia to our economy, wages, prices, interest and exchange rates, industries and states, profits and job markets if Asia’s middle class meets its potential over the next two decades?
  • What if China stumbles?
  • What if Australia’s already stretched housing prices were to take a tumble? How would that play out through the rest of the economy – sector-by-sector?
  • What if the Australian dollar soars or slumps?
  • What if interest rates fall further or rise higher?

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Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson

Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

Chris is one of Australia’s best-known economists. A highly sought-after commentator and presenter on economic trends in both broadcast and print media, he is also the author of Business Outlook, a le... More

Kristian Kolding

Kristian Kolding

Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

Kristian leads the Macroeconomic Forecasting and Policy team in Sydney and Deloitte Horizon nationally. He specialises in the application of macroeconomic analysis and forecasts to inform policy decis... More

Clare Harding

Clare Harding

Chief Strategy Officer

Clare Harding is the Chief Strategy Officer of Deloitte Australia. Formerly our Chief Transformation Officer, Clare oversees Deloitte's corporate strategy and the implementation of new business models... More

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