Health service planning and commissioning


Health service planning and commissioning

Optimising health outcomes through planning

Matching health resources to healthcare need and unlocking improvements in healthcare outcomes for our clients' catchment populations.

Health service planning

Our specialist health service planning team helps clients understand the population they serve and options to best meet their needs – with the right balance of health service, industry, financial and technical skills to break through the complexity.

As demand for health services continues to increase, there is increasingly a need for health services to optimise access in a capital constrained environment. This also requires a drive towards more integrated service models that cross traditional provider boundaries.

We provide the following services to our clients:

  • Health needs analysis
  • Demand and supply research and analysis
  • Service options analysis, including commercialisation
  • Developing integrated service, workforce and capital planning solutions
  • Service delivery model reform
  • Planning services to meet performance standards
  • Informing the development of major health infrastructure projects through leading and supporting concept brief and business case development

Against each of these services, our work is marked by both the rigor and completeness of analysis – informed from an economic, financial, social and clinical perspective.

Health service commissioning

Rising health costs are resulting from changing health profiles, increasing demand, and growing options for high-cost treatments. To remain sustainable, the manner in which health services are commissioned is changing. The key question our clients ask is 'how can I achieve the best outcomes for my patients within the current budget?'. 

More sophisticated commissioning models are needed to achieve improved client outcomes in a resource constrained environment. This requires improvements to service delivery, financial and operational performance. We have assisted the development and execution of these via complex and innovative data analysis, service mapping, options assessment, best practice reviews, consultations and strategic advice.

Common processes involved in our commissioning work are:

  • Development of commissioning and performance frameworks and technical models 
  • Resource utilisation review
  • Clinical peer review
  • Efficiency analysis and revenue optimisation
  • Pricing and purchasing of quality health services
  • Patient costing
  • Service costing.

Our strength is in using the perspectives and tools of economic theory, commissioning, government procurement and budgeting platforms, to create a platform for providing high quality insights for clients.

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