Macroeconomic policy and forecasting

Planning for a better future

Economic forecasting, modelling analysis and advisory services are combined to assist clients determine the impact of changes to economic policy and the macroeconomic outlook on their business, industry and region.

How we can help our clients

For decades the team has produced reliable and accurate forecasts for government and non-government clients, who value the rigorous quantitative analysis that supports the economic advice we deliver.

Economic modelling forms the backbone for most of our work, including policy advice, research and analysis, or generating specific forecasts for our clients. We maintain a number of proprietary in-house economic models, which are supplemented by a wide range of specialised models tailored for individual client needs. Economic modelling allows clients to understand the complex economic interactions that result from change in policy or the business and economic environment and to keep abreast of the key drivers that affect their business.

Our services include:

  • Real estate, property and construction forecasts
  • Forecasts relating to wages, prices and costs of materials
  • Demographic modelling and forecasting, including at the detailed regional level
  • Workforce planning, including expected demand for and supply of skilled labour
  • Long-term demand forecasting to support infrastructure transactions
  • Detailed projections of components of consumer spending
  • Government taxation revenue and expenditure modelling and forecasts
  • Detailed policy simulation, and federal budget and policy submissions
  • Superannuation and aged care modelling
  • Impact assessments of new policies and program evaluations
  • Statistical and econometric modelling
  • Social impact assessments
  • Expert witness reporting
  • Presentation and guest speaker appearances.

Subscription publications

The macroeconomic team produces five industry leading subscription publications:

  • Business Outlook
  • Retail Forecasts
  • Budget Outlook
  • Investment Monitor
  • Employment Forecasts

These are indispensable resources to support planning, decision making and forecasting.

Weekly Economic Briefing

David Rumbens is one of two Deloitte economists responsible for producing the Weekly Economic Briefing, a newsletter that provides a personal view on financial and economic issues.

The current and future state of Victoria

A macro perspective

Commissioned by Infrastructure Victoria this report discusses the drivers of infrastructure demand for Victoria’s society, economy and environment.

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Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson

Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

Chris is in charge of the Deloitte Access Economics’ forecasting and policy unit and is one of Australia’s best known economists. A highly sought after commentator and presenter on economic trends in ... More

David Rumbens

David Rumbens

Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

David is a macro economist with extensive experience in applied economic and quantitative analysis of the Australian economy, along with considerable experience in labor market analysis.... More

Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith

Lead Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

Stephen is the Lead Partner of Deloitte Access Economics, with responsibility for managing the practice. He is a Partner in the Macroeconomic Policy and Forecasting Group and leads Deloitte Access Eco... More