Program evaluation


Program evaluation

Measuring impact to demonstrate value

Delivering the insight clients need to continuously improve and adapt their services to make an impact.

Program evaluation services

It is increasingly important to understand the outcomes and impacts of programs and investment focused on our most complex social and environmental challenges. Investors and delivery agencies want to understand and demonstrate what outcomes are being achieved and how to deliver better solutions. Yet many organisations struggle to define the outcomes they are seeking, and even fewer know if they are successful.

We deliver formative (process) and summative (outcome) evaluations and impact assessments which enable our clients to understand the efficacy of program investments, policies and strategies, as well as barriers to and facilitators for success.

Our specialist program evaluation team use robust quantitative and qualitative methods to help clients measure the outcomes and impact achieved.

We provide the following services:

  • Evaluation frameworks and strategies
  • Program logic modelling 
  • Performance indicator development
  • Mixed methods data synthesis, including qualitative and quantitative primary and secondary data
  • Social impact assessment
  • Participatory or capability building approaches to evaluation
  • Economic evaluation methods, including cost benefit analysis, cost effectiveness analysis, cost utility analysis and return on investment analysis.

Against each of these services, our economic rigor and extensive experience delivering evaluations across a range of industries enables us to provide evidenced based, yet practical evaluations for our clients.

Evaluation of the Early Learning Languages Australia trial

An assessment of design and effectiveness

Deloitte Access Economics was engaged to conduct an evaluation of the ELLA trial, to consider whether it was appropriately designed and effective in achieving its objectives.

Forecasting the future

Community Services in Queensland 2025

This Deloitte Access Economics report provides an overview of the current and future state of the Community Services Industry in Queensland, and sets out future industry implications and success imperatives.

G20: Insights from the Social Progress Index

Unlocking equitable growth

The Social Progress Index provides a framework for comparing countries globally and driving a new dialogue in the debate around opportunities to unlock equitable growth and sustainable progress. The SPI 2014 measure’s a country’s social and environmental strengths and weaknesses to help prioritise investment decisions.

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Lynne Pezzullo

Lynne Pezzullo

Managing Partner, Canberra

Lynne is Office Managing Partner of Deloitte Canberra, Lead Partner of Health Economics and Social Policy, at Deloitte Access Economics, and adviser to the Deloitte CEO on Responsible Business. Lynne ... More

Natasha Doherty

Natasha Doherty

Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

Natasha is a Deloitte Access Economics Partner and the leader of our policy and program evaluation practice. She works across the public sector, predominately in health and social policy. Natasha is p... More

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