APPEA Conference 2015: Complexity? Simplified! Opportunity? Captured!


APPEA 2015 Conference and Exhibition

The largest oil and gas event in the southern hemisphere

This year Deloitte was involved in a power panel of industry heavy-weights which included John England, Deloitte US Vice Chairman and Oil & Gas Leader. APPEA 2015 brought together high profile oil and gas industry leaders who shared insights, experiences and provided an expert insider view.

Pre-register for the report we will be launching at the conference.

This paper will assess how the oil and gas companies need to be dynamic and innovative in their approach.

APPEA 2016

Following the capital trail in oil and gas

Oil and gas companies are facing a new environment of lower prices and faster investment cycles, calling for a more dynamic approach to the capital supply chain.

Written by: John England, Gregoy Bean, and Anshu Mitall.

One well, 30,000 times: Australia’s workforce transition to a gas factory

The paper and accompanying poster are now available.  You can also watch the video below for an overview on the difference between conventional and unconventional operations.

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