APPEA 2016: New Ideas for a New Age


APPEA 2016

New Ideas for a New Age

Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association 2016 exhibition and conference, brings together high profile oil and gas industry leaders who share insights and experiences. This year Deloitte will be presenting at the conference and will provide an expert insider view at our stand.

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A series of reports have been released during APPEA 2016.

Alex Georgievski, Jamie Hamilton, Giulia Gervasoni and Priscilla Tan will look at Australia’s preparedness in developing a new LNG trading platform in their piece ‘LNG sales and marketing is evolving.’

Mike Lynn and Veronica Holmes will highlight future industry collaboration opportunities in ‘Training collaboration in Australia’s LNG sector, building unprecedented levels of trust.’

Stephen Reid will offer a framework for decision making in addressing the question ‘Why are the values of large capital projects routinely overestimated?'

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    Perspectives from Deloitte's D.Blog

    Is LNG a luxury good?

    By Geoffrey Cann, 31 May 2016 -  Economists have their definition of a luxury good whose demand rises more than proportionately with rises in income - the richer you are the more you buy it.

    Liquified natural gas (LNG) seems to fit the description of a luxury good rather well. But should LNG retain this branding?

    Explore the complete blog post here.

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