APPEA Conference 2018


APPEA Conference 2018

Resilient business – success in the new energy market

The Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Conference and Exhibition 2018 focused on “Resilient business – success in the new energy market”. The three-day event brought together international experts and Australian industry leaders to shine a spotlight on the key issues facing the oil and gas industry.

We put the spotlight on current issues and key themes at APPEA that every leader should keep top of mind.

Download our two reports from APPEA 2018 to explore the impact of the rapid changes to the oil and gas industry.

  • Enter the Volt-age - The time is now for today’s energy leaders to get in the driver’s seat of their strategy. Are electric vehicles presenting a threat, opportunity or both? From the end of easy oil to the role of regulation and more, organisations need to find ways to secure leading positions in the race to electrification.
  • Hydrocarbons to electrons - So where are we with the transition and transformation of the energy industry? From a technical, regulatory and investor perspective, the landscape is evolving. This report offers a temperature check on the energy sector and what lies ahead.

Explore more of our insights via APPEA Daily Digest blog, the #APPEA2018 conversation on Twitter and explore the E&R Insights podcast series.

Podcast perspectives - Energy & Resources Insights
Tune into our podcast series

Find out what was covered at the APPEA Conference 2018 in Adelaide.

    Podcast perspectives with Julie Harrison - hosted by Neil Glaser

    APPEA 2017 coverage

    APPEA 2017 brought to life the diversity of issues, challenges and opportunities facing the energy landscape. Download our series of reports to find out explore:

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