The digital mine


The digital mine

What does it mean for you?

Helping mid-tier and junior miners understand how the digital agenda is moving into the domain of the broader mining industry and how this might transform the core mining processes, the flow of information, and supporting back office processes.

Earlier this year, Deloitte published “The Digital Revolution: Mining starts to reinvent the future”, which explores how mining organisations can take advantage of digital technologies to create value, and describes a future digital mine, with reference to real examples of what is possible.

While the majors have been investing in automation and technology innovation for several years, 2017 is the year in which we are seeing the digital agenda moving into the domain of the broader mining industry. Rapid advances in technology along with decreasing costs overall has meant that harnessing the power of digital has become more practical and achievable - to the extent that it is now becoming an imperative.

However, in discussing this topic, many mid-tier and junior miners are asking: “How do I know where to start with digital, and what technologies should I invest in to get the best bang-for-buck for my business, when I don’t have the kind of budget or team that the majors have?”

To help answer this question, we refer to the “Digital Mine” framework introduced in the “Digital Revolution” paper, in which we have envisaged the future state digital mining organisation and how this might transform the core mining processes, the flow of information, and supporting backoffice processes.

In this report we explore:

  • Core mining processes – automating physical operations and digitising assets
  • The digital mine nerve centre – data-driven planning, control, and decision making
  • Re-imagined ERP and automated support processes
  • Impact on people.
The digital mine

The Digital Mine Survey Results

We recently ran a survey during Diggers & Dealers 2017 where we discussed the future digital mine and the priorities for investment by junior and mid-tier mining organisations.

Overwhelmingly participants told us that data driven planning, control and decision making would deliver greatest value, now and in the future. Please find the results summarised in the document here.

The Digital Mine Survey Results

Consulting partner Paul Klein speaks with CNBC on why now is the right time for miners to upgrade their technology capabilities.

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