Getting serious about decarbonisation


Getting serious about decarbonisation

From Strategy to Execution

Companies at the early stages of their decarbonisation initiatives will typically focus on measures to reduce operational emissions – those within their direct control. Companies are however being increasingly expected to work with their customers, suppliers, and other partners to reduce their full lifecycle emissions, across the value chain. This presents a very different challenge and requires a collaborative approach to develop long-term solutions.

Published: March 2021

Getting serious about decarbonisation

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    Climate risk and decarbonisation

    Decarbonisation makes more than good business sense. Today, understanding the climate risk of your business is central to understanding both financial risk and reward, and gaining substantial competitive advantage.

    Renewable energy

    Deloitte provides professional services to renewable power companies worldwide and our professionals have deep experience assisting clients across the wide spectrum of renewable technologies of solar, wind, hydroelectricity, biofuels, and tidal, among others.

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