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Deloitte’s specialist Mining, Oil & Gas, Power and Water teams

Knowing the issues is vital, as is understanding the implications for the industry. Deloitte’s specialist Mining, Oil & Gas, Power and Water teams deliver knowledge, expertise, and a different perspective to help clients grapple with sometimes complex issues and make strong strategic decisions wherever they conduct business.


We provide the mining industry deep expertise in especially coal and iron ore mining. Deloitte's cross service line expertise offers unique insights through Analytics, Economics, Digital and tax aspects of projects. We also offer unique access to expertise with alliances such as Worley Parsons.

The mining industry is undergoing a period of extreme volatility, due to lower commodity prices, higher production costs and greater competition. Miners are relentlessly pursing productivity improvements through a mixture of innovation and more brutal measures. Our operational efficiency services offer a unique perspective to mining operations that is found in few other firms.

Deloitte’s global mining team offers unrivalled quality of expertise in the sector. With an established international network of professionals, we offer a global, integrated approach combined with business and industry knowledge to help our clients excel anywhere in the world. Exclusive hought leadership specifically for mining such as trends in mining and the Building the Lucky Country serires creates an important and unique point of view.

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The power industry is undergoing a period of immense upheaval due to a range of factors including consolidation and restructuring, smart grids and smart energy technologies, the impact of LNG and the potential material change in Australian power generation from coal to gas. Deloitte have extensive experience with business model transformation and regularly help clients to navigate through the tremendous disruption in the industry.

The level of privatisation and industry restructure is substantial. It is our knowledge and expertise around the regulatory environment really distinguishes us. Major power sector reform programs are underway or planned in NSW, Queensland and Western Australia, where state-owned assets will be privatised or merged with other industry participants.

Deloitte’s vast experience in all aspects of the power sector puts us at the leading edge of the disruption currently taking place. This makes us well equipped to advise clients on a range of current issues such as the renewable energy tariff, coal seam gas availability and price, and the impact of technology such as big data, smart meters and data sensors. Our Deloitte Access Economics Team has the expertise and focus on energy forecasting models that truly differentiates what we are able to do with clients.

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Oil and Gas

We help oil & gas companies tackle complex challenges in the face of unprecedented volatility – bringing all Deloitte’s resources to bear. At Deloitte, we bring together a team that operates at the intersection of think and do. From boots to suits we develop custom insights for our oil and gas clients, thoughtware tailored to the industry.

Adaptation is essential. Not just to survive, but to capture market share, drive sustainable growth and demonstrate unique value in the eyes of shareholders. We are the only firm with a dedicated geology and geophysical consulting capability represented by REA who can provide exclusive data about resources by country and basin through PSG. Deloitte are the least conflicted firm, we have few audit relationships to limit our advisory work.

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We release the only thought leadership report of it’s kind in the Australian Sector – the state of the water sector – which maps and helps to shape what is happening in the industry. Whether you believe our water supplies are endless or dwindling, the viability of many companies depends on access to reliable, affordable sources of high-quality water. Companies with sound strategies and action plans for managing natural resources can gain a competitive advantage.

Deloitte's depth of experience across the industry, from policy to regulatory to asset management to integration, means we are considered trusted advisors. We truly embed ourselves and work collaboratively,  our experts have spent time in the water industry and can talk about the issues in the clients language.


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