Federal Budget 2017-18


Federal Budget 2017-18

Getting our house in order?

What can we expect from the Budget this year? From housing affordability measures to the cash economy and more, we take a look at the key budget issues across the tax terrain. Connect with us on Twitter (@FederalBudget) for the latest updates and analysis.

Key areas of focus for this year’s Budget might include the following:

  • Housing: the Government appears reluctant to touch tax breaks for investors. However tinkering with the  CGT discount – via either a reduction in the CGT discount percentage and/or tapering the discount according to length of ownership could be a possibility
  • Cash under the spotlight: measures on the black or cash economy are likely
  • Employment: work-related expenses will undoubtedly be in the firing line – could there be a capping or reduction in expenses or the resurrection of the standard deduction?
  • Cross-border: Will Australia copy New Zealand’s lead and consider capping or reducing deductions for interest on cross-border related-party loans?
  • Innovation and R&D measures: We await the Government response to the R&D review – potentially a cap on the refundable R&D tax offset, together with measures to encourage collaboration.

Federal Budget 2017-18 Analysis

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Federal Budget Webinar - 10 May

At 9:00am on 10 May 2017, David Watkins (Partner, Deloitte Tax) and Doug Ross (Director, Deloitte Access Economics) will provide insight into the important elements of the 2017-18 Federal Budget.

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Deloitte Federal Budget 2017-18

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Perspectives from Deloitte's D.blog

Will innovation and science play a role in the Federal Budget?

By Serg Duchini, 24 March 2017 - Although we can expect housing affordability to be front and centre in the 2017-18 Federal Budget, it is possible the Prime Minister’s preoccupation with innovation may play second fiddle.

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