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Our Approach

Deloitte’s approach to Finance in a Digital World gives our clients the big picture direction, combined with the practical guidance and expertise to help them navigate the right digital moves. In the modern business landscape, there is no final destination. Instead, there is sudden disruption and a need for constant evolution.

Now is the time to act. Whether you are responding to the immediate COVID-19 crisis to manage business continuity, commencing your recovery plan to lead and emerge stronger and/or preparing for how you will reinvent yourself to thrive coming out the other side, now is the time to reach out and make it happen.


How are the digital disruptors and the current COVID-19 crisis impacting Finance and how can they respond?



Who are the Stakeholders of Finance and what are their needs, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow?


Vision & Strategy

What is the purpose and strategy of your Finance Function?


Work of Finance

What work products and services will you need to provide? How will it get done?


Finance Workforce

What human and machine workforce, skills and capabilities will you need to get the work done?


Finances Workplace

What are the tools, technologies and working environment the Finance workforce need to complete the required work?


Transformation Roadmap

How do we get to where we need to go?


Value Case

How to articulate the case for change and get support of all key stakeholders?



How do you lead this change across your organisation and create a winning team to make it happen?


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Partner, Audit and Assurance

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