Granular insights from your general ledger data that drive efficiency

Uncover hidden drivers of inefficiency in the Finance Function to build a streamlined and automated finance function of the future through data driven insights.

LedgerSight is a ready-to-use data solution designed to help finance professionals reduce the number of manual processes, increase efficiency, enhance transparency and better manage risks inherent in the finance function.

Data from your ERP is analysed by LedgerSight to obtain visibility on the patterns of manual activities. LedgerSight uses the information inherent in your manual journals posted into your general ledger empowering you to:

  1. Automate and redesign your top key sources of manual labour to allow you to do more with limited resources
  2. Understand the impact of manual activities down to an individual finance personnel and simulate where you could focus to accelerate your month end close finance process and upstream business processes
  3. Detect potential human input errors and unnecessary posting delays
  4. Create the business case for technology implementation.

LedgerSight brings you the best of data science, finance expertise and our market leading partners to support your finance function of the future.

If your ambition is to increase the efficiency of your processes and build the finance function of the future, get in touch with Deloitte today.

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Slav Tabachnik

Slav Tabachnik

Partner, Analytic Solutions

Slav leads a team of data scientists that design and deliver custom build analytic solutions for clients across Australia. With data as part of his DNA, Slav has two decades of experience in delivery ... More

Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen

Audit & Assurance Analytics Director

With an internal controls background and data, digital and design capabilities, Kevin is the lead Director within the Audit and Assurance Analytic Solutions team in Melbourne. He specialises in the ad... More

Sarah Grove

Sarah Grove

Director, Accounting Operations Assurance

Sarah is a chartered accountant with over 17 years of professional services experience providing assurance, advisory and accounting services. Sarah focuses on process finance function diagnostics and ... More

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