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Appointment type:


Appointment date:

10 March 2016


Archery Road Pty Ltd
ACN 162 921 735

Secret Valley Estate Pty Ltd
ACN 602 817 532

Kingsway South Holdings Pty Ltd
ACN 159 230 976

Bendigo Vineyard Estate Pty Ltd
ACN 600 088 211

Melbourne Tarniet Estate Pty Ltd
ACN 603 945 393

Property Tuition Pty Ltd (Formerly 21st Century
Property Pty Ltd)
ACN 129 421 281

Education Holdings Pty Ltd (Formerly 21st Century
Education Holdings Pty Ltd)
ACN 129 551 917

Sourcing Property Pty Ltd
ACN 602 474 779

(All “Provisional Liquidators Appointed”)
(the “Companies”)


Secret Valley Estate
Oak Valley Lakes Estate & Resort
Bendigo Vineyard Estate & Resort
Melbourne Grove Estate
(the “Schemes”)


Simon Wallace-Smith and Robert Woods




General enquiries
Daniel Jackson
Tel: +61 3 9671 8190

Media enquiries only
Simon Rushton
Tel: +61 2 9322 5562



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Background information

Simon Wallace-Smith and Robert Woods were appointed Provisional Liquidators of the eight companies and five schemes by the Federal Court of Australia and subsequently Liquidators of same on 10 March 2016.

Provisional liquidation information

Deloitte's role as Provisional Liquidators in relation to each of the Companies and Schemes was to:

  • Identify and take control of any assets
  • Determine the nature and value of their respective liabilities
  • Conduct investigations regarding their affairs
  • Determine whether it appears that they are insolvent
  • Determine the most appropriate manner of realising any assets
  • Provide a report to the Court regarding the above.

These Reports were filed with the Court in December 2015.

The Court is currently considering the Reports. Until the Reports are considered by the Court, we are unable to provide any specific information to investors regarding their investment and likelihood of any return. 

The matter is listed to be heard by the Court on 10 March 2016. We ask that investors be patient in the interim.

For more information please see Frequently asked questions as released by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission regarding 21st Century Group land banking proceedings. 

Read the Provisional Liquidators Report as released by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. 

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