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26 July 2013


ACN 004 348 207 Pty Ltd (In Liquidation)
(Formerly R.L. Buller & Son Pty Limited, trading as Buller Wines)


Simon Wallace-Smith and Sal Algeri




General enquiries
David Phua
Tel: +61 3 9671 7060

Media enquiries
Simon Rushton
Tel: +61 2 9322 5562



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Background information

Buller Wines is a fourth generation family winery based in the Swan Hill and Rutherglen winemaking regions of Victoria, Australia. The Buller Family has been making wine in Victoria since 1921 and Buller Wines are sold in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Canada, the USA, the UK and Denmark. Buller Wines operates in three locations – Huntingdale, Beverford and Rutherglen.

At a meeting held on 26 July 2013, the creditors of the Company resolved that the Company be wound up pursuant to section 439C (c) of the Act and Simon Wallace-Smith and Sal Algeri were appointed Joint and Several Liquidators under the provisions of section 446A.

The sale of the business and assets of the Company to BE Judd Holdings Pty Ltd (trading as Buller Wines) was completed on 8 August 2013.


Circular to creditors
21 January 2013

Circular to creditors
13 December 2012

Circular to employees
13 December 2012

Buller Wines | Deloitte Australia | Insolvency matter

Other documents

439A Report to creditors
22 September 2015

439A Report to creditors
18 July 2013

Annual report to creditors
23 October 2014

Court order
18 January 2013