The outlook for M&A in Australia


The future of the deal

M&A Leadership series: The outlook in Australia

The M&A Leadership series provides insights, advice and a forum for corporate M&A leaders to support you through the M&A lifecycle.

Issue 2: The future of the deal

After four consecutive years of crossing the US$3 trillion annual mark, the global M&A market continues to surpass expectations. The winds of change are here – some of the key global trends include a rise in shareholder activism, the return of private equity and the threat of disruptive innovation – these themes are expected to have a major impact on M&A markets.

This report, based on a survey of ASX M&A leaders, brings together tips on the key success factors in executing a transaction, advice on overcoming common challenges, market expectations, and insights from some of our foremost global and local M&A thinkers.

Issue 2: The future of the deal

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Time For a break? How to maximise divestment success

Our 2017 Global Divestiture Survey captured feedback from over 120 organisations with revenues greater than US$500m. The findings show that there are two clear aspects to divestitures – there has been a significant increase in divestiture activity, but getting value from divestments is increasingly challenging. Key findings:

  • Divestment deal activity in 2018 remains robust despite uncertain market conditions, however, the difficulty level of achieving successful divestments is increasing 
  • When choosing a buyer, one third of respondents said speed and certainty to close is key
  • Over half of survey respondents said reshaping their portfolio to focus on the core business is their primary motivator for divesting assets
  • Fifty percent had a need for more in-depth and raw data sources.

Is it time for a break? How to maximise divestment success

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Issue 1: The future of the deal

Our first report surveyed 30 heads of M&A, across 6 sectors, from Australian ASX 100 companies shared their views and outlook. Download the report to find out:

• The key M&A trends and triggers driving M&A activity

• How M&A is taking centre stage as a strategy for growth

• What does M&A activity mean for your future business

• How you can maximise the deal promise.

Issue 1: The future of the deal

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