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In Liquidation

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25 September 2020


STA Travel Pty Limited (In Liquidation)
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(referred to as ‘the Company’ or ‘STA Travel’)


Jason Tracy and Timothy Norman




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STA Travel Pty Limited (In Liquidation)


Jason Tracy and Tim Norman were appointed as Joint and Several Administrators of STA Travel Pty Ltd on 21 August 2020, and subsequently as Joint and Several Liquidators on 25 September 2020.

Court Application Update

Please refer to our latest Notices from the Liquidators dated 16 June 2022, 4 August 2022, 23 September 2022 and most recently our Notice dated 22 February 2023 (copies below).

The latest update regarding the application with the Supreme Court of New South Wales (Court) is as follows:

  • The Liquidators’ Court Application was filed with the Court seeking directions for among other things, the Liquidators’ distribution of customer monies held on trust (Customer Refunds). Details of the Customer Refunds is set out in:

(i) The Liquidators’ Initial Affidavit dated 9 June 2022 and Originating Process dated 14 June 2022 (both filed on 14 June 2022)(copy below); and

(ii) The Liquidators’ Supplementary Affidavit dated (and filed on) 1 September 2022, and the Amended Originating Process dated (and filed on) 8 September 2022 (Amended Originating Process)(copies below).

  • The Amended Originating Process was listed for hearing by the Court on 27 October 2022.
  • The Court provided its judgement and orders to the Court Application on 11 November 2022 (entered on 14 December 2022)(Final Court judgement and orders) (copy below) including approval of:

(i) The Liquidators’ proposed distribution of the Customer Refunds; and

(ii) The Liquidators’ remuneration, costs and expenses (including legal fees) associated with recovery, preservation, administration, and proposed distribution of the Customer Refunds to be paid from the Customer Refunds before any distribution to eligible customers.

  • Our most recent Notice dated 22 February 2023 provides:

(i) A summary of the Final Court judgement and orders; and

(ii) The next steps in the Liquidators’ distribution of the Customer Refunds.

Further updates will be provided to creditors and customers as set out in our Notice dated 22 February 2023.

Court Application
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