Weekly Economic Briefing


The Weekly Economic Briefing

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Deloitte Access Economics Partner David Rumbens and Deloitte UK's Chief Economist, Ian Stewart, provide a personal view on topical financial and economic issues.

The Weekly Economic Briefing

The Weekly Economic Briefing provides the personal views of two of Deloitte’s most highly respected economists on topical financial and economic issues. The Briefing provides regular analysis of the key domestic and international economic issues impacting the Australian, UK and global economy.

David Rumbens, a senior partner at Deloitte Access Economics, leads the Australian section of the briefing. This section draws on the breadth of experience and analytic rigour of Australia’s largest private economic consultancy firm to offer perspective on the issues facing Australians.

Ian Stewart, the Chief Economist of Deloitte UK, provides a succinct and eclectic weekly take on economics and finance from the UK and abroad. From developing trade wars to changing workforce trends and housing affordability, the Briefing delivers insight into the subjects shaping the economic discussion – one matter at a time.



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Weekly economic briefing: A surplus 44 years in the making

September 10, 2019

For 44 years, Australia has paid more out to the rest of the world in the form of imports, dividends and interest payments than it has received back. It was back in June 1975 when Australia last had a current account surplus – albeit a fleeting one, lasting only a quarter.

Weekly Economic Briefing: Economic and social impact of increasing Australia’s humanitarian intake

September 3, 2019

Australia’s contribution to global refugee resettlement is often examined either from a social justice perspective (what is the right thing for Australia to do as a responsible global citizen) or from the perspective of the individuals resettled (supporting the protection of human rights to life, liberty and safety).

Weekly Economic Briefing: Australians suffering a slight financial concussion

August 28, 2019

In partnership with comparethemarket.com.au, Deloitte Access Economics released its annual report on the ‘financial consciousness’ of Australians earlier this week. The Financial Consciousness Index (FCI) measures the extent to which a person is not just financially literate, but whether they are conscious of their ability to affect their own financial outcomes.

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