Accelerated M&A


Accelerated M&A

Maximising value in complex, high-pressure and time-critical situations

We bring together specialists from Deloitte’s Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and Restructuring Services teams to provide integrated and tailored support across distressed and insolvent transactions. Clients benefit from our deep expertise in debt advisory and liquidity management to build effective solutions that maximise value.

A distressed or accelerated M&A process involves the sale or acquisition of equity, businesses, assets or debt where the seller is experiencing financial distress and may be subject to a formal restructuring process.

Companies might pursue accelerated M&A processes to address the following issues:

  • A temporary lack of liquidity
  • Excessive leverage
  • Unsuccessful refinancing attempts
  • A sponsor’s unwillingness to provide additional financing
  • Deteriorating trading performance
  • Complex stakeholder landscapes
  • Disaffected management.

M&A processes in distressed scenarios are usually time-sensitive, which can add further complexity to already high-pressure circumstances.

In these special situations, senior specialists from our M&A and Restructuring Services teams combine their deep industry expertise in operational restructuring and liquidity management to provide the enhanced focus that companies require.

Our proven experience in M&A integration and separation strategies means we can help you to effectively plan and execute transactions – saving you time, mitigating your risk and delivering substantial value.

Accelerated M&A services

We offer bespoke and integrated M&A support to stakeholders at any stage of distressed M&A processes. Our services include:

  • Sell-side M&A services. We provide a full suite of lead advisory support, from sale process preparation through to deal execution.
    • In the case of standard accelerated M&A, we devise solutions that can work within a truncated timetable – often a necessity with a pending liquidity shortfall. Where a transaction is delivered via a formal restructuring process, our transaction services experts can advise on effective solutions.
    • With non-standard M&As, our experienced value creation services specialists can devise solutions designed to overcome any specific challenges to value realisation, including highly illiquid assets and businesses.
  • Buy-side M&A services. We can advise on the acquisition of stressed or distressed assets or businesses where the acquisition can utilise or be achieved through a formal restructuring or insolvency mechanism.
  • Strategic options reviews. We can identify and assess funding and exit options for stressed, distressed and non-core businesses.
  • Sale process monitoring. We can oversee the M&A processes of other advisors and provide lenders, regulators and other stakeholders with an independent view of the robustness of those processes.
  • Accelerated funding solutions. We can help your business raise flexible capital within a truncated timetable. This includes solutions that involve special situation

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